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Director: Sooraj Barjatya
Producer/s: Kamal Kumar Barjatya, Rajkumar Barjatya, Ajit Kumar Barjatya

Poonam (Amrita Rao) is a beautiful and simple girl from an upper middle class family. She is an orphan, who has been brought up by her uncle (Alok Nath). He has given her as much love a father would give his daughter. Poonam is a happy go lucky girl. However, her happiness is unaccepted by her foster mother (Seema Biswas), who despises her because she is more beautiful than her own daughter Rajni (Amrita Prakash).

Poonam’s simple state on life affairs is what touches the heart of Bhagat ji (Manoj Joshi), who valiantly tries to find a husband for her. Bhagat ji meets Harish Chandra (Anupam Kher), a powerful businessman, and proposes a match for his son Prem (Shahid Kapur).

Prem feels that he is not old enough to get married and would like to concentrate on his career first and foremost. But after some words from his father, he agrees to meet Poonam. Prem hesitantly agrees to marry Poonam in six months time.

The two begin to talk in person, interact over the phone, and send each other letters. They also meet at celebrations and begin to grow to each other. Six months pass and the wedding of both comes near. Poonam’s foster mother is not happy with the marriage arrangements, and believes that too much money is being spent. She is also angry that her own daughter is still un-married and decides not to take part in Poonam’s marriage altogether. However, this is only part of the problem about to face Poonam. Poonam’s house catches fire and Poonam is severely burnt.

What follows is the test of Poonam and Prem’s love. Have they fallen in love? Will Prem take a disfigured bride? That is the premise of this film.

The film has a very good story, very Barjatya like. But it is not the story that makes this film bad; it is the believability of the romance between the two main leads. The world has changed, the cinema-goer now wants more than mushy-mushy scenes. It is here that this film is the worst.

Many scenes are not believable, and that includes the one where Poonam saves her sister from the fire. A prominent film-maker like Sooraj could have done much better with these pivotal scenes. Sooraj has tried to make this film different than his previous films and has made a mess of it. When you try to make something different than first and foremost you have to use different actors, apart from the main two leads, all other actors are same and is similar roles as previous films.

The film moves very slow and never once picks up pace. However, the songs come at times when the film is at a stand still, and help to revitalise it. Talking about the music, Ravindra Jain has composed tunes that fit the script, but these tunes are not listenable elsewhere. The soundtrack has not done that well in sales, and as the music is core to the film’s promotion, has in-the-end affected the film’s stature.

Sooraj has gone with Shahid Kapur, instead of his favoured Salman Khan. Sooraj should have learnt from his mistake of not using Salman Khan in Mein Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, and should have written a part in the film for him. One can’t imagine any other actor apart from Shahid in the role of Prem, but Shahid is still very young and his acting abilities lack, meaning he is unable to carry a film on his own.

Amrita Rao’s role is one that had to be played to perfection, which hasn’t been done here. Amrita again lacks that star appeal and extra acting skills. She performs well in the first half of the film, as this half doesn’t require much character acting from her, but she is a complete let-down in the second half. Playing an injured girl with the world falling down on her, she is unable to do that, another flaw of the film. An actress like Kareena Kapoor would have been better suited for this part. I have nothing against Amrita; I believe she is vastly talented; it is just that she has yet to be natured. A few years down the road and this kind of role would have suited her to the tee.

Alok Nath’s comeback to the big screen is emotionally powerful. He has surely been missed and one longs to see him in more of these roles, which are especially written with him in mind. I would have preferred if Sooraj had used someone else in this role, bearing in mind that I was hoping to watch a different film than his previous ones, but that was not the case. As the film is similar genre as before, then Alok Nath is apt for the part.

Another one of Sooraj’s favourite, the greatly talented Mohnish Behl, also features in a special appearance. And his performance has to be noted. His role maybe small but he performs to the gallery and without a doubt has the best part in the film. Earlier in the review, I talked about a part being written for Salman Khan, this role would have been ideal for him. A special appearance by Rajshri favourite would have given this film that extra edge that it needs.

This film has nothing to draw the audiences. It has no big name stars. It has no relevant hard hitting storyline. It has a lacklustre music score. Those are the negative points of the film. But it is a Rajshri film, with a warm storyline that will appeal to certain people, meaning it may do well in the long run.

Track List:

01 Do Anjaane Ajnabi
02 Hamari Shaadi Mein
03 Jaane Kya Wo
04 Kal Tak Jo
05 Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai
06 Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai 2
07 Mujhe Haq Hai
08 Mujhe Haq Hai 2
09 Mujhe Haq Hai (Last)
10 O Jiji


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